Maintenance and production services

Depot-level repairs and comprehensive modernization of railcars, with own assembly and spare parts capacity.

Depot-level repairs and comprehensive modernization of railcars

Regular maintenance and repairing works increase the reliability and safety of railway transport operations. BGS Rail offers a full range of railcar repair as well as technical and visual modernization services. Our team of experienced professionals provides quality repairs in a quick and efficient manner while meeting industry standards and customer requirements. The company’s planned capability is 300 wagons per month.

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Manufacturing and supply of spare parts

BGS Rail provides a wide variety of spare parts, both locally manufactured and provided by reliable suppliers.  We have our owned spare parts stock that allows us to provide the best quality products in a timely manner for customers that need speedy solutions.

We believe that each client has individual needs and we strive to meet them.

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Maintenance and current repairs of locomotives

BGS Rail performs routine repairs, intermediate maintenance, and overhauls of locomotives of all types. The company focuses on specific customer needs and offers personalized solutions for each project. Advanced technologies and reliable and high-quality materials are used in the repair and modernization work, ensuring the best results.

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Assembly of open wagons

BGS Rail assembles open wagons, designed primarily for the transportation of bulk goods. On an estimate, the company can assemble 100 open wagons per month.

BGS Rail offers timely services on flexible terms.

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If you require more information about our services or wish to do business with BGS Rail, please contact us.

Currently, to meet the growing demand our services are limited to the Ukrainian market only. We have an established clientele, but we are open to new business partnerships.

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